Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Published by the Counseling and Development Unit, SSSD UTP (Issue 1)                                                                   

Excuses are what we tend to come out with when we have the wrong   attitude towards something. Put a stop to this habit of   making excuses. How do you move to the right    attitude?


(1)"This is too hard for me” - You are cutting yourself too short, too soon.  You have to stick with it in order to get to it. If you do not spend time  reading, understanding the material and discussing it, you would not be able to get it. No pain, no gain.

(2)"I'll do it later" - Procrastination is very dangerous. When you start to make such excuse, you will end up giving up on it because you put it away so many times. When a goal is set, work on it until it is accomplish.

(3)"I cannot concentrate” - You surely do not want to give up that easy. Concentration is something you have to bring out from your inner self. Search for it! Sometimes you might loose your concentration just because you are not well prepared. Have a good sleep, read before attending     lecture and bring all the materials needed. It’s all in your hand.

(4) "I'm way too busy for this" - Busy is such a lame excuse. We all live busy lives. Find time for something you wanted to do. A schedule would be very helpful. You will later find out that you actually have time to study, to learn new things and to have your own personal time!

(5)  "I am just stupid"  Nonsense! No one born to be stupid and everybody can learn new skills. A baby can learn how to talk and walk with a little of love and attention. Give a little love to yourself and your goals in order to get your heart’s desires.

10 Tips for Success
Control Your Study Environment

 1. Set aside a fixed place for study and nothing but study.

2. Before you begin an assignment, write down on a sheet of paper the time you expect to finish.

3. Strengthen your ability to concentrate by selecting a social symbol that is related to study, such as putting on a certain scarf or hat or setting a little figurine on your desk.

4. If your mind wanders, stand up and face away from your books and spend a few      minutes     daydreaming.

5. Stop at the end of each page, and count to 10 slowly when you are reading—this idea may      increase your study time.

6. Set aside a certain time to begin studying.

7. Don’t start any unfinished business just before the time to start studying.

8. Set small, short-range subgoals for yourself by dividing your assignment into subsections.

9. Keep a reminder pad so that if you happen to think about something that needs to be done, you can jot it down and forget it until later.

10. Relax completely before you start to study.

-excerpted from Systems for Study by Alton L. Rayor
and David M. Work, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1970.


zigaki asrar said...

salam. iman, sori sgt cz x smpat nk jupo mg. huhu. len kli jge segan2 lgi nk mri cni deh. hehe. nampaknya mg ni jd kaunselor supo ayoh mg la... bgus3.

Nurul Iman said...

wslm kinah..takpo eh..sedih gok sbnr takleh jupo mu..huhu..insyaAllah.len kali kita jupo dengan izin Allah..ameen.kaunselor yg tak bertauliah