Friday, October 15, 2010


Published by the Counseling and Development Unit, SSSD UTP ( Issue 2)
Prepared by: Hj. Abdul Jalil Abdullah               

If you were stuck on a desert Island with one other person, would you want that person to be an   optimist or a pessimist? Why? Certainly an optimist would look for a way to improve your chances of being rescued. They would try to find the bright side of things. In their twisted little mind they would turn this seemingly negative experience into something positive.

The key to attracting almost everything you desire begins in your powerful mind. You’re about to discover this great truth first hand. First you turn on the optimal mindset then good things begin to happen to you. The following techniques are incredibly powerful and are to be used as often as possible until they become a habit.

Clean out negative clutter
This clutter consists of things like worry, fear, day dreaming, hurt, anger, resentment, insecurity, low self image, regret, and all sorts of unproductive things. Negative thoughts often overpower positive thoughts in hand to hand combat. So what's the solution? Complete and total elimination. Only a mind that’s free and clear of negativity can take full advantage of positive input.

Gratitude Produces an Optimal Attitude
It's important for our well-being and happiness to be thankful for what we do have. Look at your list of things to be grateful for and give thanks for what you've been blessed with. See how it changes your outlook. Sense how this switch makes you feel and how does it changes your perspective on life?

Transform yourself into having the characteristics you wish you had.
At the beginning of each day and at odd moments throughout the day, write at the top of a piece of paper "Today I Display the Following Traits with Great Power and Frequency". Write the statements over and over until you begin to feel you have the traits you desire. Try both the written and the verbal versions of this switch and take note of how it energizes you and improves your day.

Adjust your posture and spruce up your appearance.
Take a mental note of how your posture makes you feel. You can instantly change the way you feel by changing your posture. You may be surprised just how much difference it makes to your attitude to assume a positive energetic posture and to keep your appearance at its best.

Treat Others with Love & Respect
We all need good relationships with others in order to maximize our potential. Treat all people with love and respect; try to help others get what they want. Whenever you encounter someone give them a smile and a kind greeting. In the quiet of your heart and mind say "You’re awesome, I’m glad to see you”.

These exercises provide just a few simple examples of the power your mind possesses. While practicing these exercises your inner mindset changes first, and then your outside world begins to change for the better.

5 Steps Towards Good Attitude

· Have a positive attitude.
It is essential to have a positive attitude in achieving success in any situation. If you aim to achieve academic excellence, you must be responsible to carry yourself well in reaching the goal of attaining the excellence you targeted. Thus, you must develop the right attitude toward the material that is needed to be learned in order to become what you desire to be.

· Respect yourself.
Quit making excuses for your behavior is the first step in respecting yourself. If you wanted to go forth in any particular subject, you must do all the effort required to learn the subject. Mediocrity is not the level of performance you want to achieve, you must aim to excel in whatever you go after. Hard work is not easy by any means, but it is worth in reaching your goal.

· Be good to yourself.
Act and treat yourself accordingly. When you keep saying negative things about yourself, it is going to stick with you.  For example, if you continuously call yourself stupid, it is going to pop up every single time you try something new. Don't put yourself down. If you continue doing it, you are going to actually believe in it even though it is not true!

· Ready to change!
Changing attitudes is one key ingredient in order to create a mind of good attitude and habits. Think about your past failures and how you can effectively change those habits. If you are a procrastinator, learn punctuality, if you are an excuse maker, work your way out of your excuses, and if you are self critical, think of how wonderful you are and believe in it. It is totally a good way to mature and grow as a person.

· Visualize success.
If you look for the greater good in everything, you will win every time. Just practice thinking positively about any situation and you will win in one way or another.  If the situation does not turn out the way you expected it to be, it might turn out better.

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